When You Should Call Your Roofer Right Away

Because your roof protects your entire home from the elements, roofing is one of those areas where knowing what constitutes an emergency is critical. Here are some roofing scenarios that require emergency roof service.

Water leaks into your home when it rains.
Whether these leaks are in the form of drops, trickles, or all out flooding, a leaking roof requires immediate attention. They are considered an emergency because a leaky roof could cause an electrical short that could start house fire. Most leaks are caused by a minor issue such as a failed vent pipe boot or a sealant that needs to be replaced. Consider a leak an urgent call to action that can prevent the loss of your home.

A tree has fallen on your house.
Many homeowners assume that if the tree did not put a hole in the roof, then the roof is OK. The reality is that the tree may have caused unseen damage that has significantly weakened the roof’s ability to withstand the next storm. For example, if the tree cracks the trusses, the next windy day could take the roof completely off the house. If the falling tree cracked the shingles, your roof might develop leaks that cause thousands of dollars in damage that otherwise would not have happened.

Your house has burned.
Most people who have experienced a fire are grateful to escape with their lives and don’t think about the roof. Emergency roof service in these circumstances usually means taking measures to prevent further damage from occurring while the insurance companies process your claim.

Final Thoughts
A roofing emergency does not necessarily mean that you need a new roof. It just means that your roof must receive immediate attention to prevent further damage to your home. Professional Peachtree City roofers are here to help you assess your roof’s needs and keep your home in good repair.

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