Can a Faulty Foundation Cause Problems with Your Roof?

Roofing contractors can inspect your roof for any types of damage. Can a faulty foundation cause problems with your roof? Absolutely! Keep in mind, that if the foundation is moving, so it the roof, and every other part of your home, too. Faulty foundations can cause a host of problems within the interior and exterior of your home. When your roof has shifted or is buckled due to foundation problems, then water will most likely get into your home causing damage, mold, and more. This can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Any house can have potential foundation issues, but some are more prevalent to problems than others, and those include.

• Houses located near water. Moist land and soil can cause foundations to move and crack, especially if they haven’t been properly laid.
• Homes without gutter systems might have foundation problems due to water running onto and into a house causing foundation issues, mold, leaks, etc.
• Homes without a sprinkling system or that have experienced severe drought can have foundation problems. Foundations can crack and shift during prolonged dry spells. So if you live in an extremely dry climate, water your lawn, and especially your home’s foundation whenever possible, and keep an eye out for foundation cracks and other issues.

There is no need to do any roof repair or replacement until you have fixed any foundation problems, because if your foundation isn’t repaired, then your new roof will also be ruined in the long run. Address all foundation and structure issues before fixing or replacing your roof.

Foundation problems might not be immediately noticeable to the untrained eye, but a roofing contractor can inspect your roof and alert you to possible structure problems. If your home has any problems, your roofer in Newnan, GA, is ready to help.

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