Can a Faulty Roof Damage Your Siding

Can a Faulty Roof Damage Your Siding
Your roof is the most important part of your home. It not only keeps the rain out of your home but also protects your home’s other structures from decay. That’s why keeping your roof in good repair is critical to maintaining your entire home. If left unattended, problems with your roof could lead to major repairs down the road. The need for siding repair is often precipitated by a faulty roof. Different types of siding will experience different types of problems.

Missing or Broken Shingles
Your roof is only as water tight as its weakest shingle. When shingles become compromised through hail damage, blow-offs or age, water seeps in and begins the decay process. Many times, the water seeps in and runs down the underside of the decking until it collects on the soffits, causing them to rot. Left long enough, the siding will also rot. If you have wood siding such as clapboards or shakes, your siding is the most susceptible to this type of damage, but other types of siding can also be affected.

Faulty or Absent Gutters
Gutters are a part of your home’s roofing system. When they are not functioning properly or were never installed in the first place, water has a chance to destroy your siding. Rainwater that should have been directed away from your home’s siding now has unlimited access. Again, wood clapboards and shakes are most susceptible, but even vinyl siding or fiber cement can become discolored or delaminated, resulting in the need for siding repair.

Sooner or Later
By the time you recognize that your home is in need of siding repair, you are probably also in need of roof repair. Professional Newnan, GA, roofers are ready to help you repair or replace your siding as well as address your roofing issues. Remember, in the home repair business, sooner is always more affordable than later.

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