Can Hail Hurt My Roof?

A hailstorm may have just moved through your area, and you’re wondering about possible damage to your roof. In most cases, small hailstones don’t damage a strong rooftop. Shingles are meant to take on some weathering forces as they protect a home for decades at a time. Hail can hurt your roof at other times, however. Take a look at when a Peachtree City roofing contractor is necessary for your property.

• Hail Size Matters

Hail comes in all shapes and sizes, and most of it is relatively small. If you notice icy chunks measuring three-quarters of an inch in diameter or larger, it’s time to contact a roofer. Hail that’s almost one-inch in diameter can form significant damage on your shingles. Their striking angle and average falling speed also makes a big difference too.

• Determining the Damage’s Extent

Your local roofer needs to verify if the hail damage warrants a repair or replacement project. Some hail strikes basically create dents in your rooftop. These indentations don’t compromise the roof’s watertight structure. However, hail that cracks the shingles creates an instant replacement project. If cracked shingles remain on the home, leaks can quickly occur inside the structure.

• Professional Inspection Practices

Reputable roofers will venture onto the rooftop and walk it’s entire surface when they’re inspecting it for hail damage. They might take photos, so that they can show you the damage’s extent. Any roofers who merely gaze at the surface from a ladder and offer you an estimate should be carefully considered. This inspection strategy isn’t very thorough, and it might cost you in repairs in the future.

Creating a relationship with Eagle Watch Roofing, your local Peachtree City roofing contractor, is the best way to stay informed of your roof’s health. Ideally, ask for one or two inspections each year. You can also call them when you’re concerned about a weather event. In the end, your roof will have the care it needs for long-term structural protection.

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