Can Wind Damage Your Roof?

Today property owners in Peachtree City sometimes wonder whether or not winds ever damage a roof. Unfortunately, roofing contractors will reply that the answer to that question involves a resounding “yes!”

Roof Damage

Many potential sources of roof damage exist. High winds create roofing problems in some locations.

For this reason, manufacturers usually design roofing materials and sealants to withstand specific velocities of wind. Home owners who reside in locales that sometimes experience high winds frequently request the installation ofroofs with higher levels of wind-resistance, for instance.

Class “A” materials for sealing asphalt shingles protect against 60 mile per hour winds, while Class “H” materials typically withstands winds as high as 150 miles per hour. An experienced roof installer can evaluate construction materials and match them to local area conditions.

Examples of Wind Damage

Strong winds may damage roofs in a variety of ways. Some illustration include:

  • Loosening asphalt tiles;
  • Blowing loose asphalt tiles off the roof;
  • Removing entire sections of roof during high storms;
  • Blowing debris into or across the roof;
  • Toppling trees or posts that puncture the roof;
  • Loosening roof caps, flashing and other materials on top of the roof.

Any of these scenarios holds the potential to create long term damage to a roofing system.

Even a very fine puncture in the surface of the roof might eventually permit water to enter the premises. Leaks sometimes begin as pinpoint holes in wood, and then expand as rainwater or mold gradually destroys healthy adjoining surfaces. Roofing contractors recommend repairing this type of damage quickly.

Your Roof

If high winds have impacted your roof, your local contractor in Peachtree City remains ready to help. Don’t hesitate to request assistance in this situation. Repairs performed quickly following a weather-related roofing emergency sometimes prevent the development of additional, expensive roof damage.

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