Causes and Dangers of Roofing Emergencies

Property owners should never overlook the importance of treating roofing emergencies. An untreated roof can lead to many issues that can not only compromise the safety of any dwelling, but can also escalate to cause excessive damage to the interior of a space. Preemptively contacting an emergency roof service can prevent critical damages to one’s space, and should be considered before unforeseen problems occur.

What Causes Roofing Emergencies?

When one thinks about roof damages, they usually think of emergencies incurred from a fallen tree, a natural disaster, expected damages due to aging, and other typical factors. However, there are other things to consider. Homeowners should be wary of these additional factors:

  • Damage caused by animals, such as birds, rodents, and critters. Insects and other living creatures can and will aggravate vulnerable areas in your roof, exposing insulation, wires, and the general interior of your space to living and non-living elements.
  • A roof that is exposed to extreme climate conditions should be regularly checked. Temperature fluctuations, heavy winds, and hailstorms are all causes of roof emergencies, and can be very subtle in the accumulative damage they cause.
  • Flat roofs are susceptible to ponding, but if a roof drainage system is blocked or damaged, stagnant water can quickly compromise and weaken the surface of one’s roof.

It should be known that these issues can quickly escalate if a particular storm or a heavy object targets a compromised section of one’s roof. An unmaintained roof can lack the support or protection necessary to take any serious damages. Upon any serious natural event, like an earthquake, a tornado, or any other severe storm, a maintained roof can be the difference between a secure interior and a serious emergency.

A maintained or fixed roof will not only result in greater safety for those within the compromised dwelling, it will prevent additional and potentially costly issues from occurring. Residents of Peachtree City are encouraged to contact Eagle Watch Roofing, their local emergency roof service, for any serious or minor roof damages. Many local services can help at any time, and should be called before a problem escalates.

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