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Get Ready for Summer Storms

Summer is coming, and with it come those intense summer storms with their accompanying thunder, lightning and torrential rains. These storms can be thrilling, at least in hindsight, but they can also be dangerous. Our professionals at Peachtree City roofers offer these tips to help keep a household safe during a summer storm:

1. Make Sure the Home Insurance Policy Is In Order
Ideally, this should be done before a storm is even expected. It should be a replacement cost value, or RVC policy. This makes sure that the insurer pays current market value to replace any damage, including damage to the roof. Make sure the insurance policy is in a secure place.

2. Clean Out The Gutter
A clogged gutter can cause water to flow into the foundation and even behind the walls. If a homeowner doesn’t want to clean out the gutters, hiring a professional is not that expensive.

3. Check the Trees Around the House
A tree whose top branches are empty while the rest has leafed out, is growing on uneven ground or has a lot of dead wood may be a problem. A homeowner might wish to play it safe and have the tree removed.

4. Check the Basement
Make sure that the sump pump is working and that its back-up battery is working as well.

5. Listen To the Radio For Storm Updates
A battery-powered transistor radio that’s small enough to be carried is what’s needed. Make sure that there are fresh batteries that can power it and a flashlight.

6. Don’t Touch Electrical Appliances After the Storm Arrives
Unplug electrical appliances before the storm comes, and don’t use the phone during the storm unless it’s an absolute emergency.

7. Don’t Go Outside
Stay indoors, and if the storm is really severe, shelter in a windowless space near the center of the house.

When the storm is over, check the home and the property for damage. Call the insurance company right away and take pictures, and if there’s damage to the roof, don’t forget to call us at Peachtree City roofers!

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