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Increasing Curb Appeal with a New Roof

GAF Lifetime CharcoalCurb appeal is one of the most important factors to focus on when trying to sell a home. It is our human nature to judge the interior of a home by its exterior before we are actually inside. Getting a new roof can go a long way in increasing the value of a home and its curb appeal. While many homeowners only think of paint, windows, doors, or landscaping when it comes to giving a home more curb appeal, the roof can actually be more than 50 percent of the visual exterior or a home. This means having a well-kept and visually appealing home exterior is very important. If you will be putting your home on the market soon, or simply want to make it look better, select a Roofer Newnan GA counts on.

A roof has an interesting dynamic to play when it comes to how people view a home. If a roof is in good repair, the shingles are in place and not damaged, no staining is present and the underlayment, soffit, and fascia are in place, no one really seems to notice the roof. Our eyes skim over the roof and go on to notice other appealing characteristics or flaws in the home.On the other hand, if a roof looks bad our eyes likely stop there. We focus in on how the roof looks and all that is wrong with it. A roof that is an eyesore will stop people from looking at all that happens to be right with the home.

If a roof is in ill-repair or has any of the following signs and symptoms, it likely needs professional attention or to be completely replaced:
• Staining
• Missing or damaged shingles
• Visible underlayment
• Damage soffit or fascia

Realtors are quick to tell homeowners who put their homes on the market how important curb appeal is. In fact, the majority people searching for a new home will not even bother getting out of their vehicle if the exterior of the home is not in good repair and visually appealing. In order to give your home a fighting chance with potential buyers, having a new roof is imperative to increasing its chances.

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