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How Strong Winds Can Affect Your Roof

Most homeowners recognize that storms bring heavy winds that can damage roofing. However, even a surprisingly windy day can wreak havoc, too. Aging roofs tend to experience damage more often than newer roofs. Enough wind at the wrong moment could cause damage, which sometimes amounts to hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in repairs. For obvious reasons, the average homeowner doesn’t want to incur such costs anytime soon.

Strong winds cause damage in the following manners:

  • Storm-related winds can rip shingles off a roof, exposing the surface to the elements.
  • Day-to-day winds can break down the seal that holds shingles to the roof over time.
  • Hail (driven by strong winds during a storm) can dent and degrade shingles or other roofing surfaces.
  • In conjunction with rain, strong winds can let moisture penetrate a roof, leading to costly water damage or mold growth.

Is such damage avoidable?

Newer roofs are often better prepared to handle strong winds than older roofs. Still, strong enough winds cause damage more often than homeowners would think. Sustained storms with high wind speeds often lead to short-term damage. Then homeowners must contend with long-term issues as roofing surfaces degrade due to wind, rain, and aging. Although wind seems harmless, it can cause far more damage than most people realize.

How to Protect A Roof Or Deal With Damage

Without a doubt, property owners should consider replacing an older roof. A roof may show signs of aging and wind damage already. Installing a new roof provides a stronger defense against winds and the elements. After damage is inflicted on a roof, professional solutions should be explored. DIY approaches to roof repairs and installations often lead to mistakes that leave a roof even more vulnerable to wind damage.

We Provide Professional Roofing Solutions!

As a professional roofing company, we handle new installations and repairs with ease. We employ the best team of Newnan roofers as well as the best practices in the industry. Our company tackles wind damaged roofs throughout the year. For that reason, homeowners have peace of mind that our team knows how to protect and repair roofing at the right cost. You won’t find better Newnan roofers to protect your home against strong winds (or to repair the damage after heavy winds) elsewhere!

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