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Three Common Roofing Problems

Proper maintenance and detailed inspections are crucial for the continuing long life of your roof. Investing in a professional roofer in Peachtree City can provide solutions to your concerns before they progress into more costly complications. Safety should always be a priority. Here are three common problems that are easily remedied.

1. Leaks and Moisture

Damaging leaks can occur that are the direct results of an improper installation of your roof.

Flashing details that are not secure often allow rainwater to enter and create damage.
Improper placement of moisture barriers provide perfect areas for water to seep in and produce blisters.
Inadequate use of adhesives and a poor lamination job encourage more trouble.

2. Loose Billowing Materials and Blow-Offs

Pieces of your roofing materials that become dislodged and airborne during storms need immediate attention. Open seams that occur from improperly attached flashing is no match for windy days. Roofing processes that use cold adhesives require time to cure properly. Moisture that enters into these areas infiltrates and weakens materials, allowing a wind to uplift sections of the roofing and remove it.

3. Punctures and Scrapes

Foot traffic can be high in some types of roofing construction such as a single-ply roof or a spray polyurethane frame type. Unnecessary punctures and scraps are the unwanted results. Adding walkways and paths that contain extra layers of the membrane is a solution. Limit activity in other areas.

Now that you know more about your roof and how to maintain it, you can look forward to less problems and expenses on repairs. If your roof has any of these serious concerns, investing in a professional roofer, like Eagle Watch Roofing, in Peachtree City helps to ensure that you get to enjoy a problem-free roof installed by trained experts. You deserve it.

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