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Three Dangers to Your Roof

Your roof is under attack every day. While it is built to last, even the best roofing in Newnan GA is subject to damage. Here are three of the more common dangers that you need to watch, and take swift action if any of these issues develop.

Problems with the Gutter System

In the best case scenario, rain and other precipitation flows off the roof and into the gutters. If something clogs those gutters, you can bet that the water will back up onto the eaves. This sets the stage for mold to develop and the eventual decay of shingles and other parts of the roof. The only way you can prevent this from happening is have a professional check the gutters, correct any problems, and ensure that nothing backs up on the edges of the roof.

Debris on the Roof

You may not think that pine straw or leaves poses that much of a threat to your roofing Newnan GA, but it has the capacity to cause a lot of damage. Any type of debris will hold in moisture that begins to break down shingles and other materials over time. Remember that metal flashing in the valleys? Leave the pine straw there long enough and it will begin to rust the flashing. Your best bet is to have a professional clear the roof and check for any signs of damage at least twice a year.

Tree Branches

A tree branch landed on the roof during a recent storm. Everything seems to be okay, since there are no signs of leaks. Keep in mind that damage is not always easy to spot. Call a roofer and have the roof inspected. That includes a trip to the attic to see how things look from the underside. If any issue is found, it can be corrected before the next storm comes through the area.

Remember that your goal is to get as many years of use from the roof as possible. Call Eagle Watch Roofing, professionals who know roofing in Newnan GA and have it checked. By keeping the roof in top condition, it will be decades before you have to think about a replacement.

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