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What are Straight Line Winds?

If your home has been hit by straight line winds, you’ll know it. Sometimes, after the damage is done, you could find that you need roofers in Newnan GA to repair your roof. Straight line winds often accompany thunderstorms, and can literally wreak havoc on a roof. This type of wind has been known to lift gutters, loosen flashing and rip off roofing panels. If large trees are in the area, your roof is likely to be struck with some kind of debris.

Are Straight Line winds really a big deal?

Reports of damage from straight line winds are more common than reports from tornadoes. Any wind that is over 58 miles per hour is considered a straight line wind. Sometimes, wind speeds can exceed 100 miles per hour and leave a swath of damage extending for hundreds of miles.

Who is at Risk From Straight Line Winds?

Straight line winds only occur in thunderstorm systems, therefore, people who live in thunderstorm-prone areas are more likely to experience damage from damaging winds. But the type of dwelling you live in can also affect potential catastrophe. For example, people living in mobile homes are at an increased risk of injury and/or death from straight line winds.

Types of Straight Line Winds.

  • Microburst: A strong downburst that is highly concentrated.
  • Downburst: Merely a strong downdraft with at least 2.5 mi of horizontal dimensions.
  • Gust Front: When warm air from a thunderstorm hits a leading edge of rain cooled air.

How Straight Line Winds Affect Your Roof.

  • If your roof was improperly installed, you can expect to have some problems out of it when any strong wind blows.
  • Also, the older your roof, generally, the more susceptible it is to be damaged in a thunderstorm or by strong winds.
  • Finally, if prior weather events have damaged your roof, the next storm may severely damage your roof.

The roof is the most important part of keeping your home a home, and damaging winds can affect your home in a major way. If you need more expert advice about how straight line winds affect your roof, contact Eagle Watch Roofing, your local roofer in Newnan GA for further information.

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