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Winter Dangers for Your Roof

The condition of your roof is something that you should be thinking about yearly. However, it should be especially thought provoking during the colder months of winter when snow, ice, rain and wind can threaten your dwelling. Eagle Watch Roofing, your Newnan Roofer, will show you the importance of protecting your home no matter what Mother Nature may throw your way this season.

  • Ice Dams – One of the most common problems during the winter is ice damns. This issue can occur when melting water combines with freezing temperatures at the edges of your roof and near your gutters. If the snow or melting ice tries to escape off of your roof, it tries to find an alternative path away from the barrier. Oftentimes the water comes in through the shingles of your roof. It could also penetrate into any roof cracking or blemishes in the exterior or your dwelling. The outcome could be severe and lead to mold growth or structural damage.
  • Roof Leaks – If your roof is older or it’s been subjected to harsh weather in recent years, you could be at risk for roof leaks. Leaks typically occur if you have shingles that are missing or broken. Your roof flashing could also be compromised. If this happens, your home is at a greater risk for water penetrating into your attic. This could prove hazardous to the roof structure and damage to insulation. If it goes unnoticed for an extended amount of time, it could also decay or discolor the interior walls and ceiling of your dwelling.
  • Potential Roof Collapse – If your roof has seen little to no maintenance over the years, it could be at a high risk of caving. If you experience significant amounts of snow, it could build up and place pressure on the rotted, damaged or weaker areas of the roof.

No matter the age or condition of your roof, it’s important that your roofer inspects it on a regular basis to ensure that the above problems don’t occur. With a quick inspection, we’ll be able to identify any potential risks and repair them before they become an issue.

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