Can Hail Damage My Roof?

Living in Newnan GA means that occasionally we must suffer through some massive thunderstorms. When storm cells are severe, they often produce hail. Most hail is pebble size, but there have been reports of measurements as big as softballs. Hail can damage cars, bust windows, and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the home. One thing that many people overlook is that a storm can also cause hail damage to the roof.

Roofing contractors receive numerous calls about hail damage after a storm rolls through the area. Surprisingly, a durable roof sometimes takes a punch from certain types of hail. Most of the hail that comes down in a storm doesn’t have the power to penetrate through the layers of shingles to cause any significant damage. However, there is a small percentage that is either large or oddly shaped that can actually cause problems.

The biggest issue with hail damage is that you may not discover that you have a problem till months down the line. Roofs are not easily accessible, so it can be impossible to see some damages until it starts to leak. Consequently, if there is damage, it will show up when you least expect it. What are some common signs that you have roof damage from hail?

*Missing Shingles
*Split or Curled Shingles (Wooden)
*Roofing Cement Crumbling
*Gutters Bent or Missing
*Damage to the Chimney

When the unexpected storms of Newnan GA seem to have caused property damage all around, it’s best to call in roofing contractors to inspect the roof and make sure that you have no damage. Even if you don’t think your roof had any issues, yet there were other things around your home broken; it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call Eagle Watch Roofing, your local roofing contractor in Newnan for help with your roofing issues.

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